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Earthcore 2nd round tickeys sold out

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Monday, May 31, 2004
...and they are going up to $90 as of June 1st

is no stone line up has ever brought together a bigger cross section of musical styles and divers talent from around the globe…..get ready for one of the most unparallel musical buffets ever put together……this is all 100% guaranteed and the best bit is that there is still more to be announced… is the line-up as it stands;

1200 mics (live) (Tip World - 4 piece band/Ibiza/U.K)
Hallucinogen (live) (Twisted Records/U.K)
Younger Brother (live) (Twisted Records/U.K)
Prometheus (live) (Twisted Records/U.K)
Simon Posford (Shpongled dj set/U.K)
Dj Lucas (10 kilo/Tip World/U.K)
Raja Ram (Tip World/U.K/Mystery set)
Salmonella Dub (live) (Virgin Records/N.Z)
Son Kite (live) (MPDQX/Sweden)
GMS (live) (Spun Records/Ibiza)
Eat Static (live) (U.K)
Adam Jay (live) (U.S.A.)
Pitch Black (live)(N.Z.)
4Thomas P. Heckmann (live) Wavescape, Germany)
Lab 4 (live) (U.K)
Nick Sentience (live) (U.K)
Zombie Nation (live) (Germany)
Mekon (U.K), FreQ Nasty (Sony/N.Z)...

It simply does not get any better than that!!!

Full details, constant announcements and tickets @ 2nd round tickets sold out, 3RD round tickets available @ $90.00 from June 1st very soon!!!!!

Earthcore Carnival
26 - 28 November 2004
3 day global extravaganza
Goulburn River - Victoria - Australia
11th Anniversary