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Darey Products - December 2004

Author: Matt Darey
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
The big news from me this month is the official launch of my new album "Decade" which is a collection of my best productions from the last ten years together with some upfront tunage from my new label. On 17th Dec I'm throwing a launch party for Decade and my new label "Darey Products" with Knowhere @ the Fridge in London with DJ sets from Myself, Rising stars Adam White & Andy Bagguley and an exclusive live PA from the Diva of trance Marcella Woods as well as a few surprises on the night. Its gonna be a marathon session so don't make any plans for the next day.

Darey Reviews For December
As usual there are far too many new tunes to mention them all but I reckon this new years eve is set to be a bangin one cause there's loads of quality hard trance flooding the scene at the moment. Keep an eye out for the new GD track on Mondo for some Asian pumping trance, E Craig's Monstrous "Global Drum Unit" on Spinnin, Futuro's Stomper "Blended Threat" and the new Alex Gold male vocal anthem "Stranded in Paradise".

First of all I'd just like to make apologize to Jonno Pavvo & Tony @ Above & Beyond for crediting there mix of Dido to Gabriel & Dresdon. It sounded like one of Josh & Daves Productions so I assumed the mix I was playing was there's when in fact this is the new sound from the very talented Anjunabeats crew.........sorry guy's I'll read the label next time.

Radio Head - Street Spirit (Tiesto) W/L
Radiohead have always been a bit precious about there tracks being remixed into dancefloor versions but I hope this bootleg changes there minds. The beats and bassline drive the track with the same ferocity as Tiesto's interpretation of Barbers Adagio for Strings. The guitars from the original Street spirit give it the organic touch just before the 303 crashes in to take the track up a notch and you know your in for some serious trance floor mayhem. The vocals breakout to seal the tracks coolness and its off for more of the same pounding beats and acid storms. This track has been tearing it up every time and is a great tune for taking your set up to a harder level.

Kyau v's Albert - Made of Sun (K v A hard dub) Euphonic - Buy
These guys have been making there mark for some time but when I heard this it took there work to another level. There sound has really matured into something really solid, kind of a blend of Hybrid Breaks with pumping trance and techno influences. The track kicks off with some driving beats that break out into lush chords and filtered male vocals with some chunky breaks. The track then crescendo's back into driving beats and basslines guaranteed to give any trancefloor a workover with and original edge to keep it interesting. Lovin this one and definitely one of the highlights of sets over the last month.

Mike Koglin - The Silence (2004) Noys - Buy
Mike Koglin returns with a great new instrumental mix of Depesh Modes "The Silence" as a rerelease of the version he released a few years ago. Solid production and floor burning basslines project this progressive trancer forward towards the monster breakdown with big pads and synth's echoing the original Depesh Mode melody. The track has been getting spins from Trance all stars across the board including Armin Van Buren. 69

Cosmic v Freefall - Skydive (2004) W/L
Once again the lush vocals of Jan Johnson grace the trancefloors across the globe but this time to a backdrop of the chunkiest techno beats and sizzling basslines. Skydive has always been one of those timeless trance anthems and its a tough one to remake as the original released on the Renaissance label was very classy. This mix is purely for the clubs and delivers everything you need to destroy even the most conservative crowd. The mi