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Friday, July 16, 2004
The Odyssey continues!

Due to the success of Dancetrippin's Odyssey Electronica, the Friday night dance program on dutch music station The Box, the show is now on TV in Ibiza 7 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the first time in the history of the white Island there is serious coverage of the nightlife culture for which Ibiza has become the epicenter of the world.

The show, which features live performances and interviews with top international and local DJ's in places like Ibiza, Amsterdam, Berlin and Israel, is on from 20:00 till 21:00 (Sundays 21:00-22:00) and late nights from 1:00 till 7:00. The late night program consists of non-stop DJ performances recorded live at the hottest parties in Ibiza and Europe. The program also includes a daily Ibiza club agenda which is also accessible through and your mobile phone (

This accomplishment puts Dancetrippin in the forefront of televised dance media, as already we are the number one source of streaming dance related videos on the Internet (

Dancetrippin- The Party's at Your House!

Dancetrippin BV specializes in the production and distribution of media related to dance music, culture, and DJ's. Our focus is on producing content with a high standard- it must be completely legitimate within the underground, die-hard dance community, as well as entertaining and informative for the broader audience of people who enjoy dance music and parties. We have produced programming from the wildest parties in places like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ibiza, Berlin, and Israel, including the biggest names in dance like: Roger Sanchez, Armin van Buuren, Bob Sinclar, Roog, Kevin Saunderson, Layo & Bushwacka, DJ Jean, Derrick May, Danny Howells, Groove Armada, Junior Sanchez, Sneak, Tiesto, Ken Ishii and many more.

Our reach is truly cross media, through the following venues:

Television- we currently have a weekly show on The Box in the Netherlands, Friday nights at 21:30 and repeat at midnight. We're also broadcasting 7 hours daily in Ibiza on the local station TEF. the website where we broadcast our videos (DJ sets and interviews), feature new music on CD and vinyl, publish club information, etc. There are 42.000 registered members to the site (who also receive our newsletter), and we average over 2200 unique visitors daily.
Partnerships- as the undisputed leaders in online streaming of dance-based videos, Dancetrippin has acquired distribution partnerships with the following key industry leaders: Windows Media Guide, KPN, and Zon Internet (Dancetrippin is featured as a chapter in Windows Media Guide). Furthermore, Dancetrippin works with over 30 selected dance communities around the world, periodically broadcasting our videos to their audience. These affiliates include sites like ,,, and

So whether you're tuning in to Dancetrippin through the Box, the web or Ibiza TV,

The party's at your house!