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DJ Writer Shafts Kashpoint's 'Banana-Shoving Style-Whores'

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, February 28, 2004
DJ Magazine's Club Editor Ben Edwards launched a scathing attack on the flamboyantly dressed regulars at Mathew Glamorre's Kashpoint this week, branding the club a 'god-awful wank-fest full of self-obsessed style-whores'.

Edwards ridiculed the clubbers in a review of Kashpoint's upcoming compilation, sneering 'this 'alko-pop/ 'popcore' rubbish (whatever they call it) is essentially just big beat for people who like to shove bananas up their arse.'

Curiously, the same journalist also slated electro-man-about town Mark Moore in the previous issue, apparently taking offence at Mark's 'gay so-not-cool bat phone' headphones.

"The former S Express man always DJs with a red telephone instead of a pair of headphones and stands there aloof, smoking fags and playing crap German remixes of Hey Mickey," Edwards smirked.

"This kind of trend-core Euro-sleaze is so formulaic, all you need is a one-note Casio keyboard and a disinterested bird mumbling about the extortionate cost of bitter and you can wager your ripped Maharishi pants Mark will be spunking his wad all over it."