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DJ C1's Relatives Murdered In Iraq

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Monday, February 9, 2004
Intec Record's DJ C1 cancelled his worldwide tour to travel to Kurdistan this week, after learning that both his father and brother were killed in one of the horrific suicide bomb blasts that devastated the Northern Iraq region last weekend (February 1).

Intec Records (Carl Cox's London based techno label) issued a statement this week, revealing the tragic details.

"On Sunday in Arbil, Kurdistan suicide bombers attacked the political offices of the Kurdish Democratic Party. It is with enormous sadness that the Intec team were informed that amongst the dead were the father and brother of C1," they said.

"We would ask that you do not contact C1 direct as he is currently in Kurdistan. We have decided to compile messages from his friends which we will pass on to him. If you would like to send C1 a message please e mail & we will pass them on to him in due time.

We pray that one day this terrible war will cease."
- Carl Cox, Christina de Briger, Karen Sutton.

Thousands of mourners in northern Iraq are paying their last respects to the victims of twin bombings on Sunday, as attacks continue against US-led occupation forces and their allies. Medics put the toll at 68, while a KDP newspaper listed the names of 71 people it said had perished in the attacks . . .' Click here for more