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Clubber Crippled in Tragedy at London's Pacha

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, April 3, 2004
A 30 year old clubber was seriously injured at Pacha London two weeks ago, when a 17 stone man fell from the club's first floor balcony and landed on top of her.

According to press reports Lorraine Mack has been inside the club for just 20 minutes when the incident occurred, though two weeks on remains paralysed from the neck down facing potentially permanent spinal damage.

"All she remembers is being hit by a body and lying on the floor unable to remove," her brother Tony told the Standard this week.

"She is distressed, there is no talk of the future."

Pacha London opened in 2001 with a million pound refit of the original space and ironically highlighted the venue's balcony as a key design feature.

"The world's most historic club is fittingly set in a 1920's building beautifully dressed in its original oak panelling and features a stunning stained glass ceiling," a statement on the club's website declares.

"A fabulous balustraded gallery overlooks the main dance floor below creating an opulent and visually inspiring environment."

General manager Noel Mcnamee told the Telegraph this week the club had complied with all safety regulations since opening , though added they've now upgraded safety standards 'to make them doubly safe'.

In happier news for the Victoria venue, Pushca promoters have confirmed a series of upcoming bimonthly parties called Bambina at the club, starting with their first party on April 17. DJs on the night include John Cutler, Copyright (Soulfuric) and the Lego Boys performing with additional entertainment coming in the form of a 'Kinky Fashion Show' featuring lingerie by Emporiana.