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Chicks On Speed Declare Class War

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, November 6, 2004
Avant-garde art-pop trio Chicks On Speed unveiled details of their new artist album Pass the Spacebar this week, and revealed that it includes an incendiary new track called Class War.

According to the press release the Berlin based women adopted a "rough and dynamic musical approach' for the new record, which saw them "radically turning away from the synthetic electroclash approach they are often misleadingly associated with'.

"In the words of Felix Kubin: "Culture is not luxury, culture is the new politics in opposition to pure economics', " the press release concluded. "This album presents questions attaining to politics and economics in today's society and is just part of our mission and role to advance culture through music, fashion, graphics, film and ways of doing plain business," they added.

Australian member Alex Murray-Leslie chatted to Skrufff earlier his year, and discussed their ambitious goals."

"Our aim is to change the music system, to get it away from being an accounting business and back to the music," she said. "Chicks On Speed stands for doing things yourself, in the sense of saying if you want to do something, get up and do it. We believe in encouraging people to fulfil their creative needs in any medium at any time and at the same time."

Musically, although sonic experimentalist Christian Vogel was drafted as producer, the record remains typically hit-or-miss while the most interesting track lyrically is certainly Class War, addressing "the politics of America and George Bush', and "written at a time when the world of America has fallen into a world of globalised greed and the uneven distribution of wealth."