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Chicago Outlaws Speaking With Forked Tongues

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, January 10, 2004
Authorities in Chicago, Illinois introduced a new law last week (January 1) prohibiting anyone except dentists from practising the latest body modification craze of splitting tongues.

The new bill means tattooists and body piercers will no longer be able to carve serpent style- forked tongues.

"This is a bizarre twist on cosmetics," Dr Thomas E Sullivan, president of the Massachusetts Medical Society told the Chicago Eagle Tribune.

"I think it is mutilation."

Quite why over 2,000 Americans have so far split their tongues remains unclear, though body modification fan Shannon Larratt has a few suggestions on

"At its most base, tongue splitting is cool," he claims.

"And in the erotic arena, the benefits, with practice, should be obvious for both men and women."

'You may begin using the two halves of your tongue independently. This is possible because each half of the tongue has its own set of muscles. Many are able to use the halves independently, wrap the tongue halves around each other, and other feats, operations from US$1,000-2,500

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