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Carl Cox Crashes Out

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 26, 2004
Techno star Carl Cox pulled out of a cross country US DJing tour this week, citing ill health for his eleventh hour cancellation.

"Unfortunately Carl Cox was recently taken ill and the Doctor has told him he
cannot fly and to rest. This means that 3 weeks of gigs have now been cancelled
to give him time to recover, in order for him to be fighting fit for the summer," a statement posted on his website revealed.

"Carl would like to express his sadness at this situation and he hopes to
make up the cancelled shows in the near future."

The last minute cancellation came ten years after he was rushed to hospital in New York, after failing to ease back on his intensive schedule.

"I've had a heart problem twice, I ended up in intensive care having a CAT scan," Carl told Jonty Skrufff (in a Muzik magazine feature published in 1996).

"It wasn't a heart attack, it was heart pain which started shooting down my arms, it turned out I had an infection caused by lack on sleep and being run down. It was an infection in the fluids surrounding the heart; as it developed it expanded the tissues around the heart."

Carl is understood to be hoping to return to the decks for his Space party in Ibiza on July 20.