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Cannabis In the UK- Smoking at Home OK from January 29

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, January 17, 2004
Britain's upcoming reclassification of cannabis from Class B to Class C means that smokers will be free to indulge their habit at home, most UK newspapers reported this week.

"Officers should only arrest repeat offenders or those smoking in a public place, threatening public order or found near premises used by children, such as schools," The Standard advised.

"In other words, you will not be arrested for smoking at home."

Their assessment was matched by the Daily Star ('at home should be OK') and the Mirror who declared, 'strictly speaking, it will still be illegal but you will not be arrested for smoking in your own home.'

Leading establishment commentator Sir Simon Jenkins (a former editor of the Times) attacked the new laws for not going far enough, writing in the Standard 'nobody, be they tough or tender, is going to stop Londoners using drugs."

"All that can be reduced is the harm they cause. This harm lies in drug adulteration and the escalation of drug use. It lies in crime and the outlawing of thousands of otherwise ordinary citizens. Such harm can be reduced only when drugs outlets are regulated and licensed and London's ubiquitous informal drugs trade eased out of business," he suggested.