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American Virgins Not So Clean

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, March 13, 2004
A massive new survey of 12,000 young Americans has discovered that 'virgin' Americans are just as likely to catch sexual diseases as their sexually active peers, the Guardian reported this week.

The finding is significant because in recent years over 2.5 million young Americans have signed up to religious based abstinence programmes, pledging to remain virgins until they marry. The Guardian suggested those involved are indoctrinated against using condoms and are more ignorant about sexual health issues, prompting them to catch diseases when they do start having sex (88% end up having sex before marriage).

The Sunday Times also touched on the issue two years ago, revealing that thousands of teenagers boasting of being virgins were actually only refraining from penetrative vaginal sex.

According to the Times, a survey of 3,000 15-19 year old boys found that two thirds of them had experienced oral or anal sex with many not realising they risked catching diseases from such forms of sex.