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Zoukout Nokia Remix @ Marina Bay Waterfront Part 2

Author: Joon @ Transmit
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Part Two: Velvet and Beyond

All the sideshow attractions would have counted for nothing if there weren't good tunes to dance to.

Thankfully, Zouk delivered again.

Although the GU arena predictably packed in the biggest crowds with Sasha and James Lavelle headlining, the best tunes on show undoubtedly came from the Velvet arena.

Despite the sparse attendance during his midnight slot, Toshio Matsuura spun a happy, hard-hitting set of bossa beats, future jazz and swingin samba that had the two dozen or so punters on the floor getting down breathlessly.

The Tokyo-based DJ managed to look dapper in a cream jacket and a crisply pressed shirt despite the tropical heat, dropping bombs like Black Science Orchestra's 'Headspace Lullaby Part 2' and Nicola Conte's 'Bossa Per Due' effortlessly.

West London's Bugz in the Attic were another highlight, representing the broken beat sound with an excellent array of calming, jazzy 2-step numbers that were perfect for their early morning set. Again, the smattering of enthusiasts on the floor were vindicated for giving the GU arena a miss as they grooved to orchestral flourishes and soulful vocals.

Deep housers Blaze put on a commendable set earlier, even encouraging the audience to pray for world peace, and Masters at Works' Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez could not be faulted for his impeccable, if a little plodding, vocal house selections.

At the constantly packed GU arena, clubbers restlessly awaited Sasha's arrival. If they wanted progressive house, they got it in loads, as Sasha ran through a setlist that was spot-on progressive, throwing some tracks from his latest LP in for good measure. Those who were seeking a slightly more interesting sound may have thought James Lavelle would be the man for the job.

Unfortunately, the trucker-capped DJ could have been mistaken for a Sasha impersonator on the night, as he doled out track after track of uninspiring progressive house. It was disappointing to hear such a dull set from the Mo' Wax Records boss (home to DJ Shadow and UNKLE), known for his cutting-edge genre fusion. Lavelle was obviously playing to his prog-pushing paymasters at GU instead of dicing up rare groove, funk, disco and everything in between that the regulars at London's Fabric have come to expect from their resident.

Australia's Phil K warmed up for the headliners but couldn't lift his nu skool breaks set above the pedestrian despite his best efforts. His techy tunes sorely lacked funk and it was reflected in the static audience. Gatecrasher's Ashley Caselle had the closing set, after Sasha and Lavelle, and he decided to close it with a bang, mixing in the tracks hard and fast.

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