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Yoko Tops America's Billboards Charts

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 17, 2003
Yoko Ono's Walking On Thin Ice went to number one on America's Billboard dance chart this week, some 23 years after recording it with John Lennon. Her husband, who played guitar on the song, was carrying a master-tape of it when he was assassinated in New York and told Yoko it would be her first number 1. "He just didn't tell me when," Yoko told the New York Daily News this week.

Recently performing live at London's electroclash haunt Nag, nag, nag, the 70 year old performance artist and civil liberties activist told Skrufff she remains a keen clubber.

"Even in the 70s, John and I would say 'it's so important to move your butt (bottom) through dance'," Yoko told Skrufff last month.

I like the particular vibe you find in clubs, I'm really drawn to it, probably because I'm on the same wavelength. I'd like to say to others feeling scared about clubbing, it's good, it feels beautiful." (Yoko Ono's Peace Event for John Lennon: 'This is a call for all countries and their people who wish for World Peace.You, the carrier of good tidings, be proud, swift and wise. By being in peace, you are already part of the peaceful world')