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War Of The Worlds V BATTLE STATIONS 2049

Author: Shane Buckland
Wednesday, August 13, 2003
"A year has past since we left earth and set out on our journey deep into space. With our cities in ruin and our planet almost destroyed we mobilised every ship we had left and set out to destroy the alien threat. As our fleet nears the outer reaches of the known galaxy, our troops (and Armoured Assault Craft) prepare for what will be the greatest battle that mankind has ever had to fight…"

Man your battle stations!
The War Of The Worlds is back!!

On September 20th 2003, the fifth installment of the War Of The Worlds (WOTW) series is set to take place in Melbourne. The scale is larger but the commitment to the vision remains the same. With a production and promotions effort that is sure to surpass all expectations, War Of The Worlds V promises to deliver what will inevitably be the "party of the year" for 2003.

Growing from strength to strength, WOTW has well and truly cemented its place in Melbourne's electronic music scene since its inception in 1997, when four of Melbourne's most respected dance party promoters came together with a vision to create a benchmark electronic music festival. Twelve months of planning and preparation, and thousands of man-hours resulted in the conception of Melbourne's premier show, War Of The Worlds. With its first two parties attracting around 4000 people and being consecutively voted "Party of the year" by TRM Magazine reader poll at the time; WOTW I & WOTW II are still championed as some of the best parties ever to be held in Melbourne… period. This reputation led to a spectacular sell-out show in September last year and culminates this year in the largest offering so far: with a battlefield bigger, better and more highly equipped than ever before.

WOTW V will be the first event operating under new permit conditions recently granted at Altona's Grand Sports and Entertainment Complex, the central hub for WOTW for the last six years; allowing for more space, facilities, people, and volume. As per usual, the Centre will be transformed into a neo-futuristic setting in which this awesome audio-visual experience will take place. The WOTW production team has over twenty years combined experience and has been preparing for this event for the last twelve months. Boasting a massive 10,000m2 of enclosed, soundproofed party space, this is one of the few venues that can accommodate an event of this scale, which this year is estimated to cap a record 6000 avid partygoers from all across Melbourne and interstate.

WOTW is pleased to announce the following exclusive international heavyweights for 2003 in their only Melbourne performances:

SPEEDY J (Holland) - 100% Live
MISS KITTIN AND THE HACKER (Germany/France) - 100% Live
MISS KITTIN (France) - Electro Dj Set
THE HACKER (Germany) - Electro Dj Set
TOM WAX (Germany)

… along with battle technicians:

KAZU KIMURA (Brisbane) - Final Scratch & FX
DJ DEVIOUS (Adelaide)
MC PAB (Adelaide)
De BANG De FUNK + special guest!
RICHIE RICH - Final Scratch & specialties
TECHNOB & GRIMUS - 100% Live
The D.E.A. - 100% LIVE

… and the very best local Dj talent Melbourne has to offer over six arenas.

September 20th 2003
Altona's Grand Sports and Entertainment Complex
Earlybird tickets available as of next week $50+BF.