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War Dance' big names in dance host 'War Child' benefit event

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Monday, April 7, 2003
On THURSDAY 10TH APRIL 2003 some of the most respected names in dance are joining the likes of VERNON KAY and SARA COX in hosting a benefit concert in aid of WAR CHILD, at The Kentish Town Forum in London.

KOSHEEN (Special acoustic performance), DIRTY VEGAS (Live), MINT ROYALE, JON CARTER, TIM DELUXE, FREE*LAND and SISTER BLISS are just a few offering their entertainment services for free for this worthwhile cause. This is a huge Thursday night out with a 2,000 capacity and the tickets going like crazy…big night out, big line-up, and yes, a big deal.

For the past three years, EMMA B (Radio 1 deejay and TV presenter) and JANE OWEN (author) have been involved with War Child and this is their biggest and most ambitious fundraiser to date. Using their legendary contact lists, the girls have pulled together some of the biggest, brightest and best names from the dance music world for this event which will not only raise funds for War Child but hopefully help raise the profile of this charity. War Child does so much good work with kids who are trying to get on with the difficult business of growing up in war zones; kids that have been left maimed and injured by land mines, kids left orphaned and looking after younger siblings, kids traumatized by the unimaginable horrors they've seen. And sadly it seems more pertinent now than ever.

Jane Owen says; "War Dance is a fundraiser and profile raiser for a charity that doesn't take sides, just goes in and directly helps the victims of war. War Child is a continuous project, there's a war happening every day somewhere, it just so happens there's a very high profile war going on at the same time as our War Child event this year. 96% of all donations go directly to helping the victims of

war, with the rest on admin so we're hoping the place is rammed and that people have a really good time."

Tickets (£17.50 in advance, £20.00 on the door) are on sale now and tickets are well on their way to a sell out. The event itself will start with live bands and move on to DJs at about midnight with the venue decorated with fabulous lights and projections, all donated.

There will be a VIP room hosted by Slidingdoors PR, although the ticket price will still be applicable. Please contact Annie @ Slidingdoors for more details.

All of the wonderful artistes mentioned above and everyone involved in the event, are donating their time and services for free. Thank you.

Not only is it for such a good cause, you've got to admit, it does look a pretty good night out.


For Ticket info:
Call 0207 344 0044