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Veteran DJs In Baby Boom

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, October 26, 2003
French techno giant Laurent Garnier announced this week that he'll be taking a four month break from DJing in anticipation of the birth of his first child.

"We're getting to that age where we're all getting old," Garnier told DJ magazine.

"Techno and house and electronic music are becoming old, we're all becoming Dads."

Also taking a baby-related DJing break is acid house pioneer Danny Rampling, DJ Lottie revealed this week (in her new Standard column) while Underworld mainman Karl Hyde popped up in Jockey Slut to admit his own brood regularly cause him to break down in tears.

"It happens quite often when I watch them and I think about where I've come from," said Karl.

"How these innocent people are happy in my company. It still baffles me."

Also broody it seems is minimal techno type Richie Plastikman Hawtin who told DJ magazine this week that his failure to spawn any mini-plastikmen just yet, prompted an introspective bout of soul searching.

"I live a crazy lifestyle and recently I met a friend who I hadn't seen in years," said Richie.

"He said 'It's my wedding anniversary, I'm nine years married and my son is 10' and I thought 'Where have I been, what have I missed-'"