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Two Tribes Line up keeps on growing

Author: chloe burke
Tuesday, February 18, 2003
If there weren't enough artists to entice you to go to Two Tribes, then here are another 2 - Tom Harding and Slam.

Tom Harding has been pioneering underground hard dance on the dance floors of Europe for the past seven years. Having previously won awards from Mixmag and Club UK, Tom was immediately plunged into the DJing big league and found himself spinning alongside such legends as Andy Weatherall and Laurent Garnier at the tender age of nineteen! From such a high profile start as this, it is perhaps no surprise that Tom is now regarded as a leading figure on the world's hard dance scene and is a recording artist with Nukleuz records

Slam are the dirty disco duo who form part of the cultural fabric of Glasgow's clubbing society. It's their sound that permeates every creative walk of life from marketing offices to hairdressers in Glasgow. Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan are the DJs and producers that virtually established the genre of tech-house with a sound blends the funk of house with the soul of techno. From their classic Positive Education to their star-studded album Alien Radio, these guys are an unforgettable part of dance music history. Put on your thinking caps guys, it's time for a lesson in positive education.