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Tresor closed after drug raid

Author: Desron
Tuesday, September 9, 2003
Last Sunday night a large group of police officers raided club Tresor, located on the Leipzigerstrasse in the center of Berlin, searching for drugs and other illegal activities. Some drugs were confiscated and the Tresor itself was sealed and closed.

One person was taken into custody. No resistance was given to the police.

At two o'clock around 300 officers entered the club with a search warrant on the suspicion of drug use and trade. Approximately 400 guests were searched in total. Also dogs specialized in finding narcotics were used to search the area, which located different kinds of drugs on the premises.

In 16 cases charges were written against people possessing drugs. A spokesman of the Berlin police department urged today that not all clubbers present at the time were under suspicion of drug use, but that this concerned a random check.

During the raid the police also found a man already wanted by the police, who still had an outstanding sentence of 16 months imprisonment for dealing in drugs. Afterwards the club was closed down.

Today the results will be handed to the responsible people of the district bureau that charged the raid. Based on this report, they will have to decide what consequences the drugs found on the property will have for the owner of the establishment. The police will afterwards act in accordance to the outcome of these decisions.

This is not the first time the club on the Leipzigerstrasse has been associated with drugs. Back in February of 1997, a representative of the SPD asked the senate whether the club was known to the police as a place where "illegal drugs were used, sold and other illegal activities were taking place".