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Tony Blair's Son Pulls Top Toff

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, January 4, 2003
Euan Blair, the notoriously delinquent son of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is dating the grand daughter of Lord Middleton, a top Conservative peer, according to a report in this week's Daily Telegraph.

Blair Junior was arrested last year after being found drunk and comatose in Leicester Square , though ditched the streets for Crazy Larrys last Autumn, which was where he took Rosie Willoughby last week, the paper reported. Since discovering Crazy Larrys, the teenage reveller appears to be transforming into an established member of Britain's upper classes.

"As a club, it's filthy expensive, badly lit and full of braying Hoorays (Hooray Henrys," a Crazy Larrys regular revealed last year.

"I guess that, like the rest of us, Euan has just come to the conclusion that that's what makes it such fun."