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Time for a revolution in dance music-

Author: Framework
Thursday, September 25, 2003
Enter Framework Music and the crazy crunchy electronic visions of Bob Brown and the crew. Bob is gonna take this thing we call "techno" and beat it like a red-headed step child till it ainít "techno" no more.

"So what will it be-" I hear you ask, only the future knows.

World famous Neuton Distribution will now be handling the distribution for Framework Music. Since the demand grows with the (r)evolution of the label, we must expand our reach. We have some new personalities as well.

The Aphorism is four guys from Freiburg, Germany. They have a crazy live act that will debut at Tresor in Berlin this August. Their release on Mutter Records is just a glimpse at what will hit the shelves this fall on Framework Music.

Blimp, aka Shaun Green, from Melbourne, Australia has been making beats since 1994. With releases on Pro-Jex (UK), Tronic Soundz (Germany), his own Prefabric8 and many, many more, heís ready to bring the pain. Look for his first European tour to coincide with his November release on Framework Music.

The next 3 releases will be limited to 1,000 copies. If you want the vinyl you better move fast.

September 2003: "We Pledge Allegiance" (FW016) Four hot club stormers from Paul Birken, Ibrahim Alfa, Blimp and The Aphorism.

October 2003: "Fettes Kind (The Fat Kid) E.P." (FW017) From the Aphorism is poised to destroy bass bins all over the world.

November 2003: "Heaven" (FW018) From Blimp "We'll be walkiní on clouds baby." You wonít be able to get this guy out of your head.

December 2003: "Funk Empire" (FW011) From Bob Brown is the long awaited original release from the label owner and general mad man.