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Author: Julia Gumbleton
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Tuesday 29/07/2003 06:30-08:00PM
This week on Osmosis, we have the kids from Melbourne's The Emergency guest programming the show with us and showing us a taste of their elegant electro-punk stylings. Expect to hear great tunes from the likes of Minimum Chips, Ash Wednesday, The Stooges, Spod and Add N to (X) as well as a few fabulous tunes from the band themselves. Plus more great Australian indie as always, hope you can join us! Osmosis on Tuesday nights from 6.30 to 8pm with Leigh Tran.

Tuesday 29/07/2003 08:30-09:00PM
Described as a vigorous comic, Sydney humorist Jonas Holt has a chat with the Darkside, and Tom Waits is featured on this week's Poetry Pitt Stop.

Tuesday 29/07/2003 10:30PM-12:00AM

InFlight Entertainment this week El Chino will be featuring a selection of duty free goods, including the feature album by Matthew Herbert's Big Band, Goodbye Swingtime, lots of nu goods from Japan, Italy and Germany too. Your one-stop aisle shopping trolley!

Thursday 31/07/2003 12:00-01:30AM

A special encore presentation of the Duplex Projekt (first aired on July 15). Listen... to the awesome clash of hums and frequencies; gasp... in amazement as 3 expert analysts discuss and deconstruct the postmodern themes inherent in this performance; retch... after reading the above line.
Cathode Immersions - keepin youse educated, with your hosts: Professor Sparkle, Dr. Diode & the Honourable S. Mackian.

Thursday 31/07/2003 09:00-10:30AM

Reviews, interviews, stories and plenty of giveaways with Zoe, Stacey, Neil & Mark. Are you freaky about film or seduced by the stage- Maybe you prefer paintings or the dynamos of dance- Mad about music or even an all round arts advocate- What ever your arts preference, tune into 2SER Thursdays from 9am. This week, we bid farewell to Artichoke presenter Stacey, who is off to conquer the Big Apple!

Thursday 31/07/2003 02:00-04:00PM

James Fletcher commandeers the 1's and 2's for a captivating 2 hour set of tops tunes on Spin Cycle from 2-4pm, following the bulbous musical house of Stereophonic Soulfood with DJ Junior B at midday.

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