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Author: Jenati St Clair
Monday, August 18, 2003
This week's 2SER FEATURE CD
Frequencies Will Move Together
(Sub Vocal/Inertia)

Who would have thought fun and innovation could live so happily together - but here we have it in Biftek's new album . . . take in Biftek's cool electronic vibes all week on Breakfast and Overdrive with 2SER Supporters having the chance to take a copy home . . .

Tuesday 19/08/2003 04:00-06:00PM
What exactly is the Boofheads and Scrubbers exhibition-
Carolyn Jolly talks to Dimity Mullane from Penrith Regioanl Gallery. How does it feel to be the electronic funk kid with the longest dreadlocks in sydney-

Natalie talks to Meem about his new album. Westerners often argue that China's populace have no access to a free media - but how true is that and where does that perception come from. Nathan Henderson explores. Comic singer Justin Heazlewood will pop in to the studio, armed with guitar. Are you in an unsigned band- We have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

Tuesday 19/08/2003 10:30PM-12:00AM

Superperson Nathan McLay will be this week's in-flight entertainment. Stoppin'off briefly Nathan will preview the nu sounds of Meem, and playing toones which made him the superperson he is. Elchino will play a warm up set, that's hotter than a face towel on a bald head!

Tuesday 19/08/2003 09:00-10:30PM

More psychedelic pleasantries from Campfire Songs - an offshoot of the fine Animal Collective; the disconnected, otherworldy dream-pop of Japan's Noriko Tujiko; Damien Jurado's sweet balldary, and a new rich tapestry of sound from minimalist master Phill Niblock.

Thursday 21/08/2003 09:00-10:30AM

What happens when you mix traditional Chinese dance with ACDC- Natasha Robinson finds out.

Thursday 21/08/2003 10:30AM-12:00PM

Ritmo traverses the Latin world to bring you the best in new and alternative music in every different style and genre imaginable. From the dynamic flamenco-hip hop out of Spain to the down and dirty funk-rock from Chile. This week's special guests are Sydney band Rastawookie. Fusing latin rhythms and instruments with reggae and hip hop, Rastawookie are unique on the Sydney scene but indicative of the music occuring in Latin countries. They have made a huge impact with their electric live peformances and were the first LATIN band to sell out the Annandale.

Friday 22/08/2003 06:00-09:00AM

This week on Friday Breakfast Celia will be speaking to Salmonella Dub at the outset of their Australian Tour. They're hitting the world with their new album One Drop West. Also Tim Hurst from the NSW Ministry of the Arts will be speaking about the Everleigh Street Railyards project that will see a new rehearsal and performance venue created at the Redfern site. Plus lots of giveaways and groovy music!

Friday 22/08/2003 09:00-10:00AM

The clash of barbarisms: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's national Security Advisor and frequent talk show guest, contends that the main task facing the managers of American empire is "to prevent collusion and maintain dependence among the vassals, keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together." Pax Americana, America uber alles is the order of the day.

The Bush doctrine of first strike combined with genuine terrorist threats may be the formula for a clash of barbarisms. Far from cancelling each other out, they reinforce each other in a spiral of continual escalation. Gilbert Achcar is from Lebanon.

He is currently based in France where he teaches politics and international relations at the University of Paris. He is a contributor to le Monde Diplomatique and the author of several books on contemporary politics. His most recent book is The Clash of Barbarisms: September 11 & the Making of the New World Disorder.