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This Week @ Kandy

Author: NRG
Friday, July 25, 2003
CHIA(Advent*jah Team, brisbane) & Freestyle (System 6, Perth)

Hard Kandy this week see two awesome Internationals gracing the decks... dj Chia is new to Melbourne and she will rock the dancefloor... freestyle has guested before in July with Yoshi and impressed... He is back to show us all again:)
Check the website for more info on these two new Djs on the Block!!!

Admission: General $16 - Guest $12
Between 11-12 toss the Boss... come early and get a chance for free entry or get on an advanced guest list, contact Jacinta or the Kandy office.

11-12.30 Beau
12.30-1.30 Krash
1.30-2.30 Ajax
2.30-4 CHIA(Brisbane)
4-5.30 Freestyle(Perth)
5.30-6.30 Scott Alert
6.30-7.30 Jeremy K
7.30-8.30 Kelsta
8.30-close Nexus

Side traxx room
Back to the breaks

2-3.30 Hellkitte
3.30-5 Boydex
5-6.30 Justin Kase(Fluffy Old Skool)

ATT:Drinks specials in the side Traxx room weekly