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Author: Heath Myers
Thursday, August 21, 2003
Heya KiNETiK Krew !!!

Massive thanks to all in attendance for Sugar live…K-Razy night indeed…stay tuned for further PSYGRESSiVE events showcasing maaad local Psy artists in the forthcoming months!!!

Next month the quality live presentation continues….

KiNETiK returns Saturday Sept 13th flicking the party switch big time, presenting local filter freaks BiONiK WORLD 100% live.

Fresh off the success of their debut album "Preset 001", this devastating duo make a triumphant return to KiNETiK ready to bend us all sideways with their chunked out, live, spontaneous fusion of elektro-house, beats, breaks and bottom heavy booty…ooooh errrrr…let the antix ensue!!!

DJs Heath Myers (closing), Aaron Smiles & Shane Ford.
Saturday Sept 13th
"DeeP 11"
The Mercat Cross Hotel,
456 Queen St Melbourne, entry opp Vic Markets.

2003 Aust Dance Music Awards
Vote 1 KiNETiK…Melbourne's Best Club Night
To vote, go to and follow the links…your favourite local electronic/dance artists need your vote!!!

ooh ooh here's something Frrrrr-Rruity…try sum'ting nu!!!
We recommend that you have a Wobbly weekend….yes
WOBBLE returns...Sat Aug 23rd

A new monthly night of psychedelic fruit-e-ness, exploring tript out soundz for your mind and $-maker…

Aug 23rd special guests RIP VAN HIPPY (PsyHarmonics)…launching his album "The Whole Worlds Hip and That's Not Cool"
+ ANDREW TILL (Flying Rhino, Dragonfly) + res DJs T.D. Shagga, Andrew Haig and bags…huh!-!

Unusual and fun with mind bending eye candy and fat, clean sound -

$10 entry
10pm till stumps
Sat 23rd Aug
Deep 11
Mercat X Hotel, Opp Vic Market.