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The Whole World's Hip with Rip Van Hippy

Author: Andrew Ong
Monday, August 18, 2003
This month sees the launch RIP VAN HIPPY'S latest album 'The Whole World's Hip and That's not Cool' on seminal Australian psychedelic label Psy-Harmonics, which is already becoming one of the boundary pushing psychedelic releases for 2003.

This is Rip Van Hippy's third album release on Psy-Harmonics and features a diverse selection tunes, blending elements of tribal, ethno, jazz, folk, rock, trance, classical and computer generated rhythms into a new fusion of futuristic psychedelic electronic folk music for the dance floors or at home.

Rip Van Hippy, aka Geoffrey Hales began playing music in the late sixties in Australia travelled the hippy trails of India, Morocco in the early seventies, eventually landing in Los Angles, working with inspirational musicians such as, Herb Alpert, Osama Kitajimi and on various movie soundtracks such as Shogun, The Year of Living Dangerously. Toured Japan and Europe many times and played at the Monterey Jazz Festival (81) and the Technics Jazz Festival in Tokyo and Osaka (83).

Returning back to Australia in the late eighties Geoffrey worked as a session percussionist for many of the top Australian recording artists, writing advertising jingles for Uncle Toby's, Mercedes Benz etc, while producing recording his unique style of psychedelic electronic music, first under the moniker of 'Tripitaka' with releases on Matsuri Productions (UK/Japan) and Return to the Source (uk).

Geoffrey also one half of Fluro Conspiracy (Psy-Harmonics /Transient) with Ollie Olsen and has collaborated with Andrew Till & Ollie Olsen on their The Visitors project (Psy-Harmonics/Transient/ Matsuri/ Return to the source) and co-wrote Psyko Disko's hit single 'Getaway' released on Flying Rhino & Psy-Harmonics.

Finally with Rip Van Hippy Geoffrey began experimenting with his intensive knowledge of rhythm, sounds and composition with the release of his debut album 'Waking Up is Hard to Do!' followed by 'When Bernie was a Tree' gaining a strong support from the media and loyal followers from around the World.

The album will be launched on Saturday 23rd August at WOBBLE and along for the ride will be Australian psychedelic stalwart ANDREW TILL plus residents Andrew Haig, T.D.Shagga and bags. Catering for those who enjoy true sonic diversity and tripped out sounds through the freshest adventures in psy, techno, house, & breaks with a kooky bent edge. It promises to be something other than the usual, even unusual.

A fun vibe with mind bending eye candy and extra fat, clean sound. This will be a night to remember - 10pm till stumps, Sat 23rd August @ Deep 11, Mercat Cross Hotel, Opposite Vic Market. $ 10