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Technics inthemix50 - The Australian Top 50 DJ Poll

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Thursday, August 7, 2003
Announcing the results for the Technics inthemix50 - The Australian Top 50 DJ Poll

After much speculation, suspense and anticipation, the results are in for the first ever Technics inthemix50 DJ Poll.

Congratulations to Kid Kenobi, who was popularly voted as Australia¹s number 1 DJ. Kid Kenobi was understandably excited when he spoke to earlier today - "I¹m stoked, I don¹t know what to say! The longer you DJ, the more you appreciate people coming out time and time again to enjoy what you do. Once you become steeped in the music industry I think it¹s very easy to become cynical, ignoring the fact that people go out to enjoy themselves and have fun. I¹m incredibly grateful!"

Kid Kenobi picks up the major prize of the first ever pair of next generation Technics turntables to arrive in Australia. The top 3 DJs ­ Kid Kenobi, Mark Dynamix and Bexta - all receive a set of limited edition Technics inthemix50 Headphones, and every DJ in the Top 50 takes home a pair of limited edition Technics inthemix50 Slipmats.

Congratulations to all the DJs. Thanks to everyone who voted.

and the results are:

1 Kid Kenobi NSW
2 Mark Dynamix NSW
3 Bexta NSW
4 Nik Fish NSW
5 Sample G NSW
6 Ben Korbel NSW
6 Jason Midro VIC
8 JosH SA
9 Phil K VIC
10 Pee Wee Ferris NSW
11 Simon Barwood WA
12 Trent Anthony NSW
13 Yoshi NSW
14 Shamus NSW
15 Jason Bye NSW
16 Greg Packer WA
16 Dean Cherny VIC
18 Illya NSW
19 Alex Taylor NSW
19 Master Kaos VIC
21 Crispin NSW
21 Murray Brown QLD
23 Sean Quinn VIC
24 Kazu Kimura QLD
25 John Course VIC
26 Archie NSW
27 Kate Monroe NSW
27 Hellraiser VIC
27 Baby Gee QLD
30 Phil Smart NSW
31 Jackster NSW
32 Robbie Lowe NSW
33 Jumping Jack NSW
34 Katalyst NSW
35 Souli SA
36 Rob Kay ACT
36 Mr S SA
36 Boogs VIC
39 Craig Obey NSW
40 Scott Alert VIC
41 Amber Savage NSW
41 Nervous NSW
41 Odyssey SA
44 Jeff Drake ACT
44 Micky D NSW
44 Ajax NSW
44 Q45 NSW
48 Rmac SA
49 Adam Kelly WA
50 Matt Nugent QLD