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Super Saturation - the name of the game at Crossroads

Author: Laura Donovan
Thursday, October 30, 2003
Crossroads is a new annual Brisbane cultural event that aims celebrate and integrate electronic music, art and new media. The first Crossroads occurred in September 2002 and showcased visual and performance artists, DJs and musicians.

Now in it's second year running, Crossroads expands to two sounds stages and represents the key electronic music and multi-media event at SOOB [Straight Out Of Brisbane] Festival, happening 3 to 6 December.

The focus of this year's Crossroads is SUPER SATURATION, a term inspired by the saturation and manipulation of digital colour. This theme will be applied as a philosophy to all aspects of the Crossroads production, particularly the visual art - hence - a sensory overload or super-saturation of the senses will be achieved!

Crossroads will be showcasing young, emerging and established local and interstate electronic musicians, live acts and DJs; new media, multi-media, aerosol and performance artists, VJs and more.

Sounds will be highlighting the diversity and talent in the Australian, particularly Brisbane electronic music scene, incorporating everything from ambient, downbeat, hip-hop, techno, electro, house, breaks, jungle and drum`n bass.

Musical live acts, DJs and sound artists include:

* Bionikworld (Melbourne, LIVE, Rubber Records): Chunky dancefloor duo with irresistible fatt beats and forever morphing soundscapes.
* Sub Bass Snarl (Sydney/Frigid Sound System): A mash up of electronics, basslines and old skool jungle.
* Bubble & Squeak (Melbourne, LIVE): Fusing organic acid basslines with explosive chemical techno, their energetic live sets combine the continuous flow of a DJ with the freedom and spontaneity of live performance.
* Junkbeats presents Basek (Byron Bay, LIVE, Overdub/20 for 7): Performing a twisted tek set on the acid house tip, not too fast and not too slow, with bass lines designed to work the full frequency response of the sound system. Basek has produced with US west coast house masters H-Foundation.
* Kid Kay Ferris (LIVE, NutzNboltz): If your little sister lived on a spaceship in the eighties and she had a birthday party, it would sound like Kid Kay Ferris.
* lowkey + nude (LIVE): A fusion of uncluttered smooth beats, melodies and sexy dirty grooves accompanied by spoken word and voice, inspired by 70's disco, German electro, fashion and moments of life.
* D-KO (LIVE, Album Launch): Combine electronic & acoustic instruments to create a potent fusion of trance, breaks and tribal house that sets the dancefloor alight.
* Onioncak feat. Miss Brown (LIVE): Cut & paste at the hand of a beat magician, serving up head nodding hip hop and upbeat funky grooves featuring the gorgeous soul, funk and jazz vocals of Miss Brown.
* Musiq for Pleasure (LIVE, EAS): Rocking it with original breaks tracks and live remixes to get your body moving.
* Sanyasa (LIVE): John Teh & Chris Watson deliver a live electronic amalgamation from straight beats and breaks that are organic, mechanic, crunchy and smooth.
* DJ Anthony Miller: Deep driving tribal tek-phunk with dynamic basslines to keep yo booty moving.
* Justin Mullins (Maleny, LIVE): Syncopated basslines & voluble beats into minimal tech-breaks.
* Teshnik (LIVE): Duo who create driving, layered live breaks & electronica.
* Statler & Waldorf (LIVE): Bass, beats and groove, from house, through breaks, with a brief sojourn at jungle and a stopover at dub's place.
* DJ Lectre: Moon Bar resident, who plays a master's selection of breaks to drum and bass and will be scratching with D-Ko.
* DJ MOX: Plays a smooth blend of breaks from fine & deep to funk & tech.
* DJ Sketcha: Plays house, progressive, deep & funky.

VJs include:
Ashling (EAS), Simulcast (EAS), Enchanted Forest, Strictly & Lowdown (Resin Dogs), Axel Brandle, Ceraebird, Fluidmotion Visuals, Inkahoots, Mal