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So Solid So Slated

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 4, 2003
Britain's notoriously vicious media appeared to step up their campaign against UK garage collective So Solid Crew with The London Standard leading the campaign with an editorial branding them hypocrites.

"So Solid Crew, and acts like them, make large amounts of money by glorifying guns, while pretending to condemn their use," they stormed.

"They cannot expect anyone to take seriously their proclaimed distaste for the criminal violence that does so much damage to some black communities."

NME also slated So Solid's new album Second Verse this week, quipping 'Oxide & Neutrino's second album was far better than this and no fucker bought that" as did The Big Issue.

"No wonder So Solid Crew hate Dizzie Rascal," they scoffed.

"In a stroke he's made them entirely redundant and Second Verse proves the South Londoners are now better at filling column inches (newspapers-media Ed) than making music.