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Slovenia's Umek to release Telontol

Author: Serena Wilson
Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Slovenia's Uros Umek makes his second appearance for novamute, and lays down four tracks tracks of hard techno that depart slightly from the usual dancefloor sound he's best known for. He's already a man of some versatility, with a growing catalogue of electro work under his belt, as well as the Neuro project from last year - an impressive take on IDM style material.

The tracks on this single are a mixture of taught, industrial funk, with more abstracted elements, making this some of his most engaging dancefloor output to date. The loop-oriented sound has been left alone in favour of dark metallic grooves and intense atmospheres, all held down by some nifty drum programming.

Telontol - The title track makes clear that this Umek is exploring new sonic avenues on this release. It possesses a fiercely forward-charging momentum, yet the groove isn't as linear as you may expect, instead employing a juddering off-beat. The track pits tight, angular funkiness against some nightmarish atmospherics with impressive results.

Ganolam - The opening off-key organ catches your attention in an almost antagonistic manner, before the dense web of beats begin to roll. Intermitently, the track breaks out into brief periods of ornate melody, played out on what sounds like an electro harpsichord. This pattern of intense percussion, punctuated with strangely lilting instrumentation continues throughout. Definitely one to experience on a good soundsystem!

Arondon - Again, there's a metallic, industrial feel to the sounds. The heavy drums stomp along at a considerable pace, occasionally breaking down into darkly affected chiming tones. This one certainly takes no prisoners.

Entan - has less of a slamming immediacy than the former track, opting instead to build the tension more gradually, employing a towering, sinister synth riff to create a sense of unease. The stop-start percussion sounds almost electro in places, albeit extremely heavy electro!

Telontol is out December 1