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Skrufff T Shirts: New Design Revealed

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, August 9, 2003
Skrufff's T shirt designer Sina has delivered his final artwork and we've now posted the image on the site of our friends at

We're in the process of printing the first shirts right now and this week finalised details of how you can get them and how much they'll cost. For those of you in London, we'll be selling them on Portobello Market every Sunday at the lovely Mel Skrufff's stall (down by the flyover, specific details to follow shortly) for £15 each. Otherwise they'll be available from at £20 each (plus postage and packing- they ship everywhere, including Australia).

We've chosen to handle all payment and distribution aspects, because they're one of the UK's leading online music and T shirt organisations and can ship shirts throughout the world, reliably and quickly (including Australia, Costa Rica and everywhere else).

Please email if you're interested in buying a shirt.