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Sex Pistols Artist Designs Boutique CD

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, June 14, 2003
Jamie Reid, the veteran punk artist who stuck a safety pin through the Queen's nose during the Sex Pistols era has designed the artwork for a new compilation CD branded around Brighton's rock hotel the Pelirocco.

The extremely eclectic compilation includes gems from the Scissor Sisters, Henry Mancini and (bravely) The Dammed, whose punk anthem Smash It Up has inspired countless hotel trashings since the late 70s. One of the hotel's rooms, the Magic Room has Jamie Reid designed No Future wallpaper, though chatting to Skrufff last year, the still active Druid admitted he's still eager to see a 'spiritual revolution'.

"A spiritual revolution is about having a pure love of humanity and a pure love of the planet that we live on. It's a beautiful, special place and we seem to have done so much to abuse it, we've absolutely fucked the planet up," said Jamie.

"The whole education system has really shackled young people, you've gone through Thatcherism into New Labour, I think it's more to do with fear. People are very scared and looking for answers but the answers come from within."

Jamie Reid's Sex Pistols Mural is currently on display at Tom Tom, 42 New Compton Street, London, and will be there until the Autumn equinox (21st Sept)