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Sasha's Airdrawndagger goes online

Author: pr
Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Sasha is going to release the whole of his 'Airdrawndagger' album on the web for fans to remix.

He's done it with the track 'Wavy Gravy' already as part of a competition in the States.

One stunning remix by a 17-year old bedroom producer from Finland has even sneaked into Sasha's mate Nick Warren's record box.

"Nick's been playing that one, which is a great mix, but again because it was from outside North America it wasn't even there for the competition"

"I just think people were excited to get hold of the parts. So there's been mixes come from Australia, Japan - I got about three mixes from Tokyo. A lot of the mixes that came through on Wavy Gravy weren't up to scratch, but there's five or six that are really amazing."

Sasha plans to announce the winner at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.