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Rotation IX - Luke Stater & Misstress Barbara

Author: nigel tan
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Luke Slater was the fist international DJ I saw in Melbourne at the Flower Centre and at Rotation I was hoping to successfully bookend my party career because, quite frankly, I'm getting too old for this shit.

But it looks like I'm putting my retirement on hold. Luke Slater absolutely shook Room from floor to ceiling. His techno / electro stylings proved that you can have the funkiest, dirtiest beats (and they were so dirty) and have build ups that have you're synapses ready to explode, without having to resort to easy, cheesy crowd control.

Where Slater stopped, Misstress Barbara kept going. She worked off a fully appreciative crowd, a little more funked up and matching Slater's pace beat for beat. I was lucky enough to find one of Room's cold spots so I could go for a little longer than most. For those that couldn't handle the heat you missed out on an extra hour from Misstress B.

If nights like these are repeated, it will be a little while yet before I hang my sneakers up.

photos: christine bladeni