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Red Raw - The 20th Anniversary Celebration

Author: agent mad
Thursday, January 9, 2003
It was 20 years ago that Red Raw first strode out proud and bold into the party circuit to become Melbourne's premier Gay & Lesbian dance party, rivalling the most outlandish events that any city in the world had to offer. Adopting its own identity both musically and aesthetically over the years, it became nationally renowned and characterised by immense colour, fantastic costume, crowd pleasing antics, extravagant decor and underground sleaze, earning the respect and attention it deserved being the entertainment laden, event spectacular it was. From these excessive beginnings, it blossomed with international guests and more lavish themes as the crowd grew to its thousands and the last Saturday in January belonged to Red Raw and Red Raw alone.

So now we approach RED RAW and its 20th Anniversary, and Saturday 25th January will see us celebrate with pride in what the Melbourne community and the Also Foundation have achieved. An old school, warehouse style venue, Festival Hall, has been secured for its traditional element and the expanse it offers for Agent Mad, synonymous with world class event production, and the Also Foundation to create what will be one of the most spectacular events of the summer.

An anticipated 6,000 members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community from across the country will be greeted by a Carnivale, salsa themed arena complete with outdoor beach festival area with palm trees, an indoor cinema with seating for 650 and a performing cast of 1000's in full costume, flaunting their choreographed routines between sets by internationally acclaimed artists. Little Louie Vega, house legend of Masters at Work, headlining the event, will be performing alongside Madison Avenue (live), Kate Monroe, Stephen Allkins, Peter "Mona" MacNamara (Deep Bitch Boys),Queen Martine, KDJ, James Fraser, Jason Prior, Shaun Reed, Zac Curran,Nathan G, Kat and Sean Quinn.

Red Raw is the event incarnation of flamboyance and flair and the perfect celebration of the Gay & Lesbian community in Australia and all that it has represented. Show your support for the Also Foundation who have provided assistance, advice and health information through its Care & Benevolent society for years and commemorate this auspicious occasion with an inspirational, retrospective look at Red Raw over the last 20 years of its history.

Tickets on sale soon