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Puff Daddy & Electro (clash) Take Miami 2003

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 29, 2003
P Diddy's new track Let's Get Ill and a smattering of electroclash happenings shook up last week's Miami Winter Conference according to DJ Hell and his new mate Larry Tee.

"I would say that the talk of the town was P Diddy's new track 'Let's Get Ill'," the Gigolo Records chief told Skrufff this week.

"The song sounds like Joey Beltram meets Vitalic and features singer Kelis and it will change the world of electronic dance music," he predicted.

Electroclash founder Larry Tee was equally impressed with the vibe of the annual music conference, in general.

"It seemed like a real changing of the guard where all the cool kids on the beach avoided the lame house DJs and the Paul Van Dyk boat cruises and went for the nu-electro stars of the moment," he claimed.

Larry also made a rare public performance at a Kareoke evening last week singing his own disco anthem Supermodel (first made famous by New York's best known drag queen Ru Paul). Fischerspooner's Casey Spooner emphasised his own Robbie Williams credentials at the same bash, knocking out an apparently cracking rendition of Whitney Houston's disco anthem I Wanna' Dance With Somebody.

Elsewhere at the Conference, Peaches reportedly livened up an awards ceremony by stealing a VIP's champagne then diving into the swimming pool, which Larry Tee suggested 'left the boring DJs aghast'.

"Electroclash will always be dissed (disrespected) by the techno and house guys because it threatens their chance of making money and getting laid, but their magazines are closing shop and their record sales plummeting," said Larry.

"The electroclash crowd have nothing in common with the steroids and tit jobs of the house music crowd."

This is The Electroclash(tm) Mix by Larry Tee is out now on Moonshine and is highly recommended by the Skrufff team.