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Poker Flat Recordings Release News

Author: pr
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
1. Glowing Glisses - Silver Surfer CD / 2x12" / tourdates confirmed

Call it New Electronica, call it deep techhouse, call it microhouse - the Glowing Glisses open yet another exciting chapter in modern electronic music. Together with famous Märtini Brös. These two guys from Berlin are on the cutting edge of a whole new genre which is just about to fully develop it's potential.

Not only Berlin hipsters have been starving quite badly for this fantastic debut album "Silver Surfer" which opens up the Poker Flat 2003 album schedule in late February.
Hot and fresh as the album are the following tourdates which have just been confirmed. The tour will be presented by VIVA Fast Forward amongst others.

Märtini Brös. & Steve Bug return from Australia

Märtini Brös with it's mighty DJ Cle and Mike Vamp as well as Steve Bug finished off the very succesful Poker Flat World Tour in Australia on January 11th with a great performance in Adelaide.

The Poker Flat World Tour started in Summer 2002 with destinations all around Europe, U.S.A. and now Australia. Destination Australia also included very well recieved performances in the Mad Racket club Sydney at NYE and
Honky Tonk in Melbourne.

Please check the gallery on for nice pictured impressions from 'down under'. Both Märtini Brös. And Steve Bug will continue touring continental Europe though the spring.

Steve Bug does it on Final Scratch

Steve Bug from now on will perform his dj sets with 'Final Scratch' only!

During the final dates of the pfr world tour in Australia Steve Bug used the first time 'Final Scratch' to perform his dj sets in the public. After several weeks of configuration and try outs his performances in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney were amazing and besides the fact that a bigger number of people than usually were watching his setup nobody was realizing a difference to Steve Bug's usual great mixing skills.

'Final Scratch' allows real-time manipulation and scratching of digital music from conventional analogue decks.

Steve Bug - November Girl Rmx 12"

After Steve Bug's really sucessful album 'Sensual', here is the first remix outtake: Rob Mellow and Martin Landsky just finished fabulous remixes from one of the pearl tracks of Steve Bugs new album: 'November Girl'!

Initial feedback from the key djs on this unique 'Bug-styled' minimal House Slammer prooved already that 'November Girl' has a proper hit-potential which even might exeed the club level!

Cat.-No.: pfr30
Release Date: 20.01.2003
Label: Poker Flat Recordings

Jeff Bennet - Swapping 12"

After two successful 12" -releases on Poker Flat Recordings 'Recognition' in 2001 and the more dubhouse orientated 'Dub This!' in early 2002 - the Malmo based producer Jeff Bennet is back again with three tracks representing his wideranged understanding of contemporary clubmusic.

Starting off with the title track 'Swapping' which is a magical combination of sparkling sounds that gives a happy and positive feel to all clubbers and housemusic lovers worldwide, whereas 'Absence' delivers more melancholic
grooves with woody percussion sounds that perfectly work when a long clubnight comes to its end.

Last but not least 'Oblique' on B2 is a driving, athmospheric and tribal-orientated tune for peaktime-rotation, which is meant to be a longtime-resident in the box of more tool- using deejays.

Cat.-No.: pfr31
Release Date: 03.02.2003
Label: Poker Flat Recordings