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Phreakin' Present DJ Dizzy

Author: Jeff Tyler
Tuesday, August 19, 2003
The most ambitious always have goals, plans with articulate detail and passionate design. Meet Donald Eley; an integral part of today's dance music scene and tomorrow's future. With an intricate and well-designed blueprint for success, Donald brought himself to Sacramento 6 years ago with a dream in his heart and a desire to maintain his individuality.

Donald took the West Coast scene by hurricane. As a DJ under the moniker Dizzy, and with dreams of production and international club bookings written in permanent ink in the blueprints, Donald came to the realization; what better way to get yourself gigs and surround yourself with the cream of dance music talent than by promoting events.

Soon after, Doubledown Productions was born. From the early parties at Sacramento's now infamous Cabinet Shop to the legendary party's Bliss and Gigabeatz, held at the Sacramento's Cal Expo, Donald's positive energy encapsulated the audience and always created the good vibe. Many DJs recognized this passion in Donald and quickly befriended him.

As his turntable skills strengthened and his reputation as a hard-working member of the electronic scene grew, the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. It was only a matter of time that Donald would take it to the next level, combine his turntable skills, and drives to produce the depth of talent his pool of friends brought to the table.

In lieu of living the lavish lifestyle many top promoters buy into, Donald took the holistic route and invested into his future. With the majority of the profits from Doubledown Productions, Donald started purchasing gear and soon a studio was born. Lacking the Engineering skills to do no more than switch the gear on or off, Donald turned towards his extended family for support.

With the help of close friend, and future collaborator, Johnny Lopez (aka Johnny Fiasco), an imminent chart burner was set on course. In a seemingly fluid and natural order of flow, Donald continued to follow his life's blueprint by launching Doubledown Recordings in March 2000.

Dropping onto the scene like an anvil, Donald quickly banged out two floor killers from Johnny Fiasco and Hipp-e. With the cement poured, Doubledown Records foundation for success was now rock solid. Representing several flavors of house music, from Snap'n Funky House, to quirky off the wall beats, Doubledown Recordings delivers the goods.

Donald didn't just jump right into the deep-end of the house music scene; he dove. After releasing three chart scorchers, he kept things rolling. 'The Spring Sampler,' Doubledowns' eighth release, gained critical acclaim as the track "The Grind" was licensed fifteen times, even being featured in France on D'Julz's "Boxes" compilation on the Music Families imprint.

A few more scorching releases and along came the Dizzy and Halo's collaboration,'Welcome to the 3rd World' (Doubledown 016), another chart climber. The acclaim and accolades piled up and still do. With releases by such recognized artists as Johnny Fiasco, Natural Rhythm, Onionz and Master D, Sombionx, Inland Knights, The DCL Project, Halo, JT Donaldson, The LawnChair Generals, and on several occasion's his own production, it is no wonder Doubledown Recordings made an incredible impact on the scene and remains a leading label within the house music scene.

DJ Dizzy is touring Australia with the release of his mixed compilation CD "Double Down Under".

Melbourne performance will be a phreakin event held at ROOM680 in Hawthorn.

Details coming soon.