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PNAU Freshskills 12"

Author: Julia Gumbleton
Sunday, September 7, 2003
Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes - best known to the world as talented Australian electronic duo pnau - return with a darker, dirtier, moodier sound; a taster of things to come…

pnau unleash their thrilling new 12" single Freshkills on clubs mid-September, mixing up moody electro-breaks with a gritty post-disco groove. The flipside track, Again (also the title of their forthcoming second album) is a hard, dark, industrial funker. Both tracks are poised to rip through peak-time dance floors in clubs around the country.

As most of you would know, pnau launched onto the Australian dance scene in 1999 with the release of their brilliant ARIA winning album Sambanova, which Littlemore and Mayes produced when still in their teens. Some four years on, and things may have seemed fairly quiet on the release front, but pnau have been spreading their wings, taking on fresh challenges and learning new skills.

Honing their talents as a live electronic act, they've played successful shows globally from the Boiler Room/Big Day Out to the Subliminal/Underwater party in Miami alongside Fatboy Slim. They've got a rocking new show for the Summer.

Both Peter and Nick have been working on various collaborations, with Nick based in London and working closely with Darren Emerson on his post Underworld solo album, as well as Howie B and Sly & Robbie, while Peter has been working with Sydney DJ Jon Hardy on a project which features The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O. This in addition to completing their new pnau album, Again, which is out next month.

pnau will headline Homebake 2003, which will be their welcome home show for 2003.

Freshkills and Again are two hotly charged tracks that will attack dance-floors and the coolest of the radio waves. It's as fresh a statement of their return as could be.

pnau FRESHKILLS (12" single) is due in the clubs mid September 2003. pnau AGAIN (album) is out October 20th through Warner Music.