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Ozzy Osbourne & Sniffer Dogs @ Homelands

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, May 24, 2003
Ozzy Osbourne is attending this year's Homelands festival to stop his DJ son Louis from misbehaving, the News of the World revealed last Sunday.

The notoriously hardcore heavy metal hellraiser booked a flight from LA after his other son, 17 year old Jack, recently ended up in rehab, after abusing alcohol and drugs.

"Jack's problems were a real wake-up call," a family 'friend' told the tabloid. "Ozzy wants to spend more time with his children."

Skrufff's Benedetta Ferraro chatted to Louis last year and asked him whether his parents had ever worried about him getting involved in drugs, especially when he started going to raves, prompting a curt response from the Brummy jock.

That's got nothing to do with my DJing and I prefer not to talk about it," said Louis.

"They're just like any other parents. I'm sure they've been no angels in their time, but they're just parents."

Helping Ozzy protect Louis from temptation will be a pack of police sniffer dogs, who'll be stationed at the festival entrance throughout Saturday daytime. Drug carrying revellers will be able to ditch their stashes in 'amnesty' bins to escape the sniffer dog gauntlet, according to, while those caught in possession will face police action.