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Outsider Jacques Lu Cont Loathes Hip Hop & DJs

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 1, 2003
Electro-pop UK producer Jacques Lu Cont despises DJ culture and the original 80s hip hop scene that spawned it, he says on the new press release accompanying his upcoming compilation CD for Fabric.

"I don't think DJing is that cool. I don't like the image of the silver boxes and the hooded jacket and crappy sunglasses," he snarls.

"I don't like the supposed glamour in DJing and I even hate the name! I'm a DJ- Don't think so."

Judging by the inclusion of Tom Tom Club's Wordy Rappinghood, Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams and Devo's Snowball, Lu Cont is not averse to the 80s era itself, though he's adamant that rap is a different ballgame.

"I'm one of the only music producers that will confess to having no interest in the emergent hip hop scene of that time whatsoever," says Jacques.

Fabriclive 09: Jacques Lu Cont is released on April 7 and is available for the bargain basement rate of just £6.00 by joining Fabric's online CD club.