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Out of the Ashes of Add N to X

Author: pr
Tuesday, February 4, 2003
Prey - debut single
Save Yourself' / Grey Owls Tongue Omni'
Released on the Horseglue label on the 10th of MARCH

Out of the ashes of Add N To (X) comes the fire of Prey…

Horseglue are set to release their second record, the debut single from Prey on the 10th of March. 2003.

Hot on the heels of the labels first release from Sheffield's Pink Grease, comes the double A Side : Save yourself' / Grey Owls Tongue '

Mix crazied Northern Folk. No beards,come on prog. Southern sophisticates with Italian breakbeats all Kraut no sauce.

So if you're a friend of the whip you'll love this No Gothic. No plastic. Anti - Bobby O. Nasty nature, third reich and roll and stinky 50's Memphis.

Fuck the times we live in we've got a time machine.

So if you're a runt who likes pop music .we are sorry .
In other words this record smokes like the lords bastards..

Forthcoming releases will include the new Pink Grease single Waiting so long' on limited 7''single followed closely by their debut mini album recorded in New York at Russell 'blues explosion' Simmons studio...