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On a Ragga Tipster Trances It Up

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 15, 2003
Hardcore rave pioneer Slipmatt looks set to return to the UK pop charts, with the release of a trance style anthem themed around the Ibiza superclub Space. The single, which has just been play-listed by Radio 1, is stylistically a million miles way from his best known track On A Ragga Tip, which brought the Essex raised jock as number 2 hit in 1992.

"I stopped doing the happy hardcore thing properly in 1998," Matt told Skrufff in a recent interview.

"In fact, someone was telling me there's still lots of stuff on the net linking me with happy hardcore and I really should get on there to let people know what I'm doing these days. I still know a lot of the original DJs and quite a few of them are telling me it's going through a revival but I'm not tempted."

On A Ragga Tip (recorded under the name SL2) was one of the biggest hits of 1992, though he decided to abandon the SL2 name as musical trends progressed.

"At the end of 1992 everything changed and evolved, the whole rave scene had finished as it was then, and the scene progressed down that darker route in 1993," Matt recalled.

SL2 wasn't really about that, so even though we were at number 2 in the charts for three weeks, we decided to leave it as it was."

Slipmatt's Space is out on March 24, on Concept Music.