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New York, New Puritanism

Author: Jonty Adderley
Saturday, January 4, 2003
New York authorities formally outlawed smoking in all clubs and bars, this week, in a move the Sunday Times compared to the Prohibition tactics of the 1930s.

"It is not just smoking that has been stubbed out by the new Puritanism, excess in every field is frowned upon," the Times reported.

"Alongside a religious revival and the consolidation of officially sponsored conservatism has come an un-American aversion to old-fashioned enjoyment."

The paper suggested 'sensible and law-abiding people' are likely to beat the bans on dancing and smoking by introducing 'speakeasies', illegal clubs and bars based on the gangster culture of the 30s. Such establishments would be almost certain to be covered by the incredibly draconian R.A.V.E. act, however, which could still be introduced throughout the whole country.