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Mixed Blessings For House Culture

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, September 13, 2003
Britain's Daily Telegraph declared dance culture to be in 'rude health' this week after reporter Joe Muggs was apparently swept off his fee by legendary Chicago house singer Robert Owens at last weekend's Trufest event, in London.

"Reports of dance music's demise are exaggerated," the broadsheet reporter raved.

"A few bloated superclubs are shutting down, and cocaine-fuelled superstar DJ culture is on the wane; but this is for the best."

Muggs' unbounded enthusiasm contrasted dramatically with rival Guardian pop critic Alexis Petridis who just days before launched yet another cynical assault on a scene he clearly loathes.

"The reason house music's stock has never been lower is its failure to reinvent itself," he sneered.

"Its adherents haven't had a fresh idea in years."

Pete Tong, meanwhile, was less than enthusiastic about the three months he's just spent in Ibiza DJing at Pacha every Friday, writing in his latest Mixmag column 'the bigger picture for Ibiza is a depressing one'.

"Too many cheap holiday packages and the docu soap (TV) madness that followed in San An (San Antonio) have sent out the wrong messages," he suggested.

"And now Spain's new Government's passed a law to ensure that clubs shut at 7am."