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Miss Kittin's Hacker Predicts Electro's Next Wave

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, January 18, 2003
Michel Amato, the producer behind Miss Kittin & the Hacker's superb Gigolo long player The First Album, is set release his first ever mix CD this March, dubbed 'The Next Step Of New Wave'. As well as featuring tracks from the likes of electro giants I.F, Adult and Dopplereffekt, the mix CD includes two of his own Hacker tracks plus two from old friend Oxia, with whom he runs ultra-cool techno/electro label Goodlife.

"We were the first people to get into the rave scene in Grenoble, there weren't more than twenty people in the whole area who liked the raving in the early 90s," the Hacker told Skrufff early last year.

"Everybody else thought we were crazy with our stupid clothes but that's how Miss Kittin and I met," he recalled.

"I'm still friends with all those people from the original rave scene, even after ten years, we have a record shop and we've created our own label Goodlife from it."

'The Next Step Of New Wave' comes out on Human/UWE Records and looks certain to boost the Hacker's profile dramatically. Kiko & The Hacker's remix of Kiko's new single Italomatic is also released shortly on Goodlife Records.