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Ministry's Top Toff Steps Down

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 8, 2003
Jamie Palumbo, the superrich British aristocrat behind Britain's best-known superclub brand the Ministry Of Sound, is quitting the organisation's day to day business, Music Week reported this week.

The former head boy of number one Toff school Eton College is unlikely to be plunged into abject poverty, however, since according to the Sunday Times' rich list of 2002, he was worth £150million (US$230m).

Stepping into Palumbo's breach is long term Ministry marketing guru Mark Rodol, one of dance culture's most capable and visionary characters, whose only career slip-up occurred when he appeared on TV quiz show the Weakest Link last year. Telling notoriously direct presenter Anne Robinson that 'shaving isn't cool', he looked dismayed by her instant response.

"How would you know-" she mocked.