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Megadog & MC Teabag Return

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 18, 2003
Legendary festival-in-a-club acid house types Megadog are returning to the promoting game, to host a one off event at Manchester's Academy on Saturday November 22nd. Megadog favourites Eat Static, Aaron Liberator and the 808 State DJs will be performing with loveable rogue MC Teabag presenting the entire event.

"One of the main reasons Megadog is back is, basically, due to "popular" demand by the best bunch of punters in the World and to re-unite a few of our mates and play a load of top quality music all night," DJ Evolution (also spinning on the night) told Skrufff.

"There seems to be a routine feel to clubs at the moment so, hopefully, this night will bring back the soul that seems missing."

"The reason Manchester was chosen is because it was the "spiritual" home of Megadog and the crowds were always beyond belief," he added.