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Lousy Male Lovers Turn Women Off Sex

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, June 7, 2003
Sexually inadequate blokes could be to blame for causing one in four British women to have difficulty reaching orgasm and some to avoid sex altogether, according to a report in this week's Sunday Times.

"Orgasms can go from a crotch sneeze to an avalanche and everything in between," said psychosexual therapist Edna Astbury-Ward.

"How you experience it will determine whether you validate it as an experience worth repeating. If it's a bit of a fizzle, it won't be something you necessarily seek to repeat."

The Times also suggested that up to two thirds of British ladies admit to taking so long to come (over an hour) that they'll sometimes fake orgasm, which the Mirror suggested they'll probably get away with.

"Rest assured he can't tell but if you do (fake an orgasm), for God's sake, don't tell him," the paper warned.

"It's the biggest insult you could throw at him. All men want to be thought of as sex gods."