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Loaded's Latest Sex Tips: Act Interested and Remove The Body Hair

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, January 18, 2003
Sexually challenged Brit blokes struggling to pull, should avoid appearing desperate and remain patient, according to the latest issue of Loaded.

"Be charming and silly but not desperate," sex columnist Karen Krizanovich stressed. "Women don't like men who act as if they date their own hands."

In the same issue Gay Times editor Richard Smith suggested Loaded readers worried about the size of their manhood should embrace all-over body grooming for sexual success.

"The fashion today is shaved chest hair, trimmed pubes (pubic hair) and shaved balls (testicles)," he advised.

"It started as a porn thing. It makes your cock look much bigger, which is good if you want to show it off, down and up." Straight blokes should also brush up on their dance moves, he recommended.

"Gay men laugh at how badly straight men dance," he revealed. "Think about dancing as a form of erotic display."