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Lisa Lashes- I Want To Be More International

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, October 26, 2003
"The main reason I've switched agency is because I want to focus my attention a lot more abroad, I want to be more international; I've been playing in the UK far too much."

Hard house's biggest name DJ Lisa Lashes recently left Tidy Trax' DJ agency to sign up with Nettwork, the agency who look after DJ Tiesto, Coldplay and Dido, though chatting to Skrufff this week stressed the change is amicable.

"It's not about me not liking Tidy anymore either," she told Jonty Skrufff.

"It's more that Nettwork are much more internationally orientated. Next year I've already got bookings in Australia and Japan into March and we're going to be planning everything much more strategically."

Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): You're currently Tidy's best known 'Tidy Girl', where does the new set-up leave you in relation to them-

Lisa Lashes: "I'll still be working with Tidy, I've already booked all their dates in next year such as their Magna event, their New Year party too and they've also still got first choice on all of my dates. Everybody's saying 'Oh my God, you're leaving Tidy', but it's only different from an agency point of view. Everything else is going to stay the same, I'll just be going abroad more. I'm looking forward to seeing what the music styles are like in more places. In America, the hard house scene is really just starting off and there are so many huge events happening over there, in arenas or clubs."

Skrufff: Nettwork also look after pop stars including Dido and Avril Lavigne, are you actively seeking their level of fame and recognition-

Lisa Lashes: "Not really, though one of my idle dreams since I started six years ago has been to tour with a band, and hopefully hooking up with this new agency will give me more chances to do that, than if I was just a DJ waiting to be picked out by some group. I don't know if I'll ever meet any of the other bands on the agency, though, we'll have to see. I love Coldplay, though, they're fantastic. I went down to the agency's offices the other day and the rooms are all next door to each other, I'm by the Sterophonics. The new agents take people on who have already made some kind of name for themselves and they think they can do a lot more for them. I'm over the moon that they wanted to sign me."

Skrufff: In practical terms how often are you going to be away from the UK realistically-

Lisa Lashes: "Only for probably one week each month. I'm not doing what (Paul) Oakenfold's done, which is to move abroad almost completely. Some people have already said to me 'oh no, you're leaving' and I am so NOT. Because hard house and the stuff I play in the UK is still massive here so there's no reason for me to go away. I just want to go abroad to show them our style, to places like America. They love hard style music over there."

Skrufff: BK said recently that the style of music he's playing these days is similar to the kind of music Carl Cox plays, would you agree-

Lisa Lashes: "Yeah, I think it is, people always get scared of the term hard house and yet techno is harder than hard house though is more approved of and is considered to be cooler. I was with BK at Passion on Saturday and he was playing really hard tech-house, or should I say techno-house."

Skrufff: Have you found yourself playing more techno these days-

Lisa Lashes: "I've played a couple of records though I still like the stuff I play now. But the music I do play these days has changed so much from the stuff I started playing six or seven years ago. There are so many good producers out there these days that everything has taken a step forward. I love DJing at the moment because the music is so good."

Skrufff: Anne Savage has recently started developing a parallel breaks set, is that something you've considered doing-

Lisa Lashes: "I've always played breaks and also hip hop and electro since I started- old skool music- that's how I started out DJing. R